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Kitesurfing Lessons in Naxos

With Boat Supervision

Born for a passion for kitesurfing as a way to explore the world and discover essential experiences. We offer the complete package for a unique and unforgettable kite trip in Naxos!

Wingfoil Lessons in Naxos

Welcome to our premier wing foil center at Plaka Beach, where the serene waters and spacious surroundings create the perfect backdrop for your wing foil session.

Our wingfoil instructor is giving instruction at the beach
Group of travellers siting in front of our beachfront hotel

Beachfront Hotel & Rooftop Bar

Our hotel, just a minute away from the beach, offers a seamless blend of comfort and convenience. A private path leads you to the beach and kitesurfing spot. Plaka Beach, though public, feels like a private paradise. We provide umbrellas, sunbeds, and a beach tent for extra shade, creating an ideal setting for relaxation.

Ride the journey with us!


Our experience allows us to offer you a journey tailored made to your preference. You may come whenever you would like, stay as long as you wish and personalize every detail.


Stay in our Beachfront Hotel, a healing hideaway in Plaka Beach. Take your lessons in front of the Hotel or drive to Mikri Vigla Beach.


Learn to kitesurf, meet people from all over the world sharing the same passion for kitesurfing, exchange stories and make new ones.

Vincent Boguth

Mixalis is a great instructor. He teaches from the boat so you don't lose time walking upwind on the beach. You'll have more time to practice and a great spot with enough space. Thank you for the good advices and the amazing time.

Julie Köhle

Wir haben in diesem Sommer das Kitesurfen begonnen und können die Ausbildung durch Mixalis vollends empfehlen. Da man mit einem Schlauchboot rausfährt, kann man sich komplett auf das Kitesurfen konzentrieren, ohne andere Kitesurfer um sich herum zu haben. Mixalis ist sehr geduldig, gibt super Tipps, sodass man täglich Fortschritte macht. Seine Apartments liegen an einem der schönsten Strandabschnitte der Insel. Die Crew ist super hilfsbereit und offen, sodass man sich wie zu Hause fühlt. Alles in Kombination ein super Ding zum Wiederkommen 🙂 bis zum nächsten Mal, dann mit Jumps! PS: Die Preise sind auch super fair.

I really wanted to learn kite surfing and this was the perfect place to do so! The instructor Mixalis gave me really good advices! He has a radio connected on your helmet, so he can really tell you what to do while you are doing it, that works really well. Also its great that he brings you with a boat more off shore to a place where there is no other kiters! This is good cause you dont have to be scared of nulpunt into onther kiters. Also, because of being further off shore, you can try and try and try, perfect! Other than the kiting itself, the people of the place/appartements are super friendly and will help you with all your questions, for example about what to do and see in Naxos. The appartments are good and breakfast as well. I’d definitely like to come back here. Either for kiting or for the nice place!


Best experience ever. If I could i would give 1000 stars. Mixalis is a great teacher and the school location ist amazing! There are no other Kitesurfers, so u don’t need to stress about anything. There is just you, your kite and the best teacher in the world ! You can feel really safe and because Mixalis is in the boat right behind you, so whatever happens he will be there to help you within a blink of an eye. He creates a safe learning environment and his explanation are easy to understand. Highly recommended! Mixalis & Vane Thank you for everything. See you next year !

Amouditis Kitesurfing exceeded all my expectations! The instructor Michalis is top-notch, patient, and safety-conscious. The equipment is well-maintained, and the location is perfect for kitesurfing. We had an unforgettable experience and can't wait to return next year. Highly recommended!

If you've been on the hunt for the ultimate kitesurfing experience, your search ends here. My recent 9-day adventure at Amouditis Kitesurfing in Naxos was an absolute game-changer, and I owe it all to the incredible duo of Max and Vanessa. From exceptional teaching to unparalleled hospitality, this place has it all. Naxos, with its breathtaking crystal-clear blue waters and perfect temperature, provided the ideal backdrop for my kitesurfing journey. And the best part? No need to worry about any lurking sharks either 🙂 One of the standout features that sets Amouditis Kitesurfing Center apart is its exclusivity. Unlike other spots like Mikri Vigla, where you'd find 50-100 learners crowding a small beach, Amouditis offers a serene and secluded learning environment. Max holds the exclusive license for this pristine beach, meaning you won't be sharing the space with other kite surfers. It's just you, the waves, and the wind. Max's teaching approach is a true testament to his expertise and patience. He starts with the fundamentals, ensuring a strong foundation, before gradually building up to more advanced technical skills. What truly sets him apart is his personalized approach. With a one-of-a-kind setup, Max accompanies you on a boat while you're in the water, providing dedicated 1:1 guidance. This level of attention is invaluable and makes the learning experience not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable. As the days went by, I found myself progressing faster than I could have imagined. Max's guidance and Vanessa's warm hospitality created an environment where I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way. By the end of the week, I was up on my board, riding the waves with confidence and excitement, next up riding upwind. The only downside? Having to leave this paradise behind. See you on teh waves.

We had a great time and I highly recommend the kitesurf school! We could easily schedule the lessons and they were super flexible. Lessons took place whenever it fit with our travel plans, no problem at all. It was really nice that the spot at the beach was not crowded at all. As a beginner that was really important to me. Also, you have a boat so that you can actually spend the maximum of time practicing and not wasting time with walking back with all the equipment.

Mariam Gr

First time trying Kitesurfing, amazing experience. The school is very cool, close to the beach, not in the busy area of Mikri Vigla which is very recommended for beginners as you have much more space to practice with Mihailis who’s an amazing teacher.

Andrea Dina

Amazing experience, very kind and professional staff!!

Got great lessons by Mixalis, an experienced, calm and motivating instructor. He made us excited for the sport and the equipment was new and of high quality. The option to have accomodation provided as well is ideal.

Hannes Pinter

I recently learned kitesurfing at the Amouditis Kitesurfing School in Naxos, and I cannot express my gratitude and admiration enough for Coach Mixalis and his exceptional teaching methods. Mixalis creates a safe, supportive, and motivating learning environment, which is especially vital when working with beginners like myself. Under his guidance, I quickly realized that I was capable of achieving far more than I had imagined. What sets Mixalis apart is his personalized approach to teaching. He took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses, and individual learning style, tailoring his instructions accordingly. His explanations were clear, concise, and easy to comprehend, even for a complete novice like me. Whether it was explaining the mechanics of kite control or demonstrating proper body positioning. He spread enthusiasm throughout every session, sharing his knowledge, experience, and love for the sport. Thank you for an exceptional experience that will stay with me forever!!! 🙂

Adam Pallozzi

You can tell Mixalis really cares about giving his students the best possible experience. He’s a brilliant teacher and such a great guy. He has excellent communication skills and is great at English. He was able to tailor the lessons to my skill level and pushed me to improve in a way that was fun and felt safe. The gear was top notch. He has lots of different sized kites. One day when the wind dropped mid lesson, he was able to quickly swap to a bigger kite and continue the lesson immediately. I can’t recommend Mixalis highly enough. I’ve tried kitesurfing a few times before and never really got it. After 3 days with Mixalis, I was standing up and starting to cruise on the board. I had the absolute best experience with him!!!

Mixalis is hands down the best kite surfing instructor!!! Have had many instructors before and ‘Mike’s’ instructions and tips are clearer and help beginners easily get up and get going! Great price, great communication via whatsapp, brand new awesome gear, everything was easy and so much fun! Thank you thank you! Highly recommend!!!!


Mixalis was a very good kitesurf Trainer. He was calm and professional. He gave me a lot of tips and the freedom to try things out for myself. Completely new equipment. Different sizes of kites to swap. I would come again and again.

Awesome place to learn kite surfing. Mixalis is an awesome Kitesurf instructor with a lot of experience, which he shares patiently and professionally. As a total beginner I had a lot of fun, felt always really good and safe during the lessons. The equipment is in perfect condition. Definitely the place to go! Thanks for changing my life

Vane Lu

I highly recommend it. They have brand new equipment, the instructor is very nice, patient and professional. The offer accommodation walking distance from the kite spot Mikri Vigla and 5 seconds walking from Plaka Beach. The vibes are super cool 🤙 Thank you Mixalis! I definitely will come back 😄

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We are highly professional in our mission to create the ultimate kitesurfing experience in Naxos, combined with the authentic local Greek hospitality. Our absolute goal is to make you fall in love with the sport and make you want to travel with us again and again…